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How to make Mini Bunting Flags

It is real easy to make Bunting Flags, but when you want to make bunting flags that last or that you want to hang on the side of a crib, you want to make mini bunting flags that are made properly and will even last a wash or three. (You never know where they might land up sometimes :-) )
I have the pattern for you to download and print here

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An easy way to finish the neckline of a t-shirt or stretch-knit top

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Looking for a quick and easy way to finish the neckline of a t-shirt you just made? Looking for something different than the regular way to finish the neckline?
Then you have to try the style I show below.

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Sewing is Fun: Sewing in a straight line

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Today will be a great day to sew in straight line. No wine on the side, with my packet of aim next to me.
It really isn’t that difficult to sew in straight line. All it takes is a little bit of practice.
Find a number of scrap pieces of material with lines and blocks.

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Sewing is Fun: The Basic Tools you will start with

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Just like any hobby, sewing can have a whole room full of tools, and boxes full of material, cottons, bobbins, ribbons, lace and elastic.

There are Basic Tools you will have to have if you want to take on the sewing hobby.

This is the core tools that you will use every day and every time you sew.

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The three keys of Why, How and What to build a Business

The core three Keys to building a Successful Business or any Project for that matter.

It may be an Online Business, a Welfare Project, a Weightloss Journey or simply growing as a human being. Gather these three concepts and always keep them in mind. Structure them to suit your Dream. See them as a Compass or guide to keeping you on the right path on how you want to reach your goal.

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Scarcity and The Herd: The Power Of The Buying Rush

Scarcity is one of the most powerful human influencers. The idea that we can’t have something (or that there is not enough available for everyone) makes us just go wild. So how can you utilize scarcity to rake in more profit, increase attention, and create “buying rushes”?

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