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The three keys of Why, How and What to build a Business

The core three Keys to building a Successful Business or any Project for that matter.

It may be an Online Business, a Welfare Project, a Weightloss Journey or simply growing as a human being. Gather these three concepts and always keep them in mind. Structure them to suit your Dream. See them as a Compass or guide to keeping you on the right path on how you want to reach your goal.

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Scarcity and The Herd: The Power Of The Buying Rush

Scarcity is one of the most powerful human influencers. The idea that we can’t have something (or that there is not enough available for everyone) makes us just go wild. So how can you utilize scarcity to rake in more profit, increase attention, and create “buying rushes”?

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Can you earn $3000 in your first month online?

You can earn $3000 in your first month. Learn to build your Business online and apply the Marketing knowledge you acquire from buying and using our training courses and tools.

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6 Ways for new Bloggers to make Friends using Social Media

How to make your Social Media pages work for your business and profile and create a following

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Learn to build a business on a Self-managed Blog

The Better option which I would like to tell you about today, is for you to Sign up for your own Self managed Blog (startup cost $25/m), where the Company you buy your Kalatu Wordpress-based Blog from, is providing all the maintenance, the security, necessary plugins, the sales and marketing training courses and the hosting etc. as part of your monthly cost.

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Find Support between Google, EN Facebook Support Group and even this Blog

Today is a day for shout-outs and praise, and when a Company is building a hardworking support team like Empower Network you have to give them the credit they are due for. When you build an Online Company like Empower Network, with customers and team members from just about any country in the world, your […]

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