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How to make Mini Bunting Flags

It is real easy to make Bunting Flags, but when you want to make bunting flags that last or that you want to hang on the side of a crib, you want to make mini bunting flags that are made properly and will even last a wash or three. (You never know where they might land up sometimes :-) )
I have the pattern for you to download and print here

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Sewing is Fun: The Basic Tools you will start with

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Just like any hobby, sewing can have a whole room full of tools, and boxes full of material, cottons, bobbins, ribbons, lace and elastic.

There are Basic Tools you will have to have if you want to take on the sewing hobby.

This is the core tools that you will use every day and every time you sew.

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How to edit your smartphone photos with Google Photos editor

Never really used Google Photos before? Now is the time to get into an easy way to Shoot, Upload, Edit and Share with Google Photos Editor.

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How to put your office in a closet

Your Choice of space will of course be influenced by the type of Business you would like to run from home. If you are doing crafts then you will probably already have a space from where you create you projects, like a sewing room or a corner in the dining room or bedroom, and you will need a slightly larger cupboard to also store your craft accessories.
On the other hand if you want to have an Online or Blogging Business, your needed space will normally be very little.

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Wrought Iron Gates are more friendly than Wooden gates

While I take my daily walk around the neighbourhood I take note of the various gates people have at the entrances to their drive-ways or pathways to their doors or garages.  Some are pretty, others are run-down or plain ugly.  Some are friendly and make me want to walk up to them and open them […]

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Take control of the Laundry Basket

Who hates Mondays?  Previous generations of Stay-at-home-moms had the habit of doing their Laundry on Mondays? Can anybody please tell me, why Mondays? My motto is:  When there is enough items in the Laundry Basket to do three loads in your washing machine… Then it is time to sort, wash and hang! I can remember […]

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