Scarcity is one of the most powerful human influencers.

The idea that we can’t have something (or that there is not enough available for everyone) makes us just go wild.

So how can you utilize scarcity to rake in more profit, increase attention, and create “buying rushes”?

The Power Of The Buying Rush

Ever wanted a product that you probably didn’t really need? Maybe because of a perceived lack of funds? You have been putting off buying it, but it keeps on coming by, either on your screen or in the shop window on your way to work. And then one day you see that very same product marked SALE! ONLY 3 LEFT  –  Boy O Boy, that is not a nice feeling you get! You really wanted that dress/phone/business tool and suddenly, soon, it won’t we available anymore.   Suddenly your perspective on the badly wanted product change, and the lack-of-funds perception disappears, when you realize you possibly can’t have it anymore. Your choice has been taken away from you. If you really want it, you have to buy it now! Believe me, you will find the money –  The Seller’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

WEALTH CREATION SHORTCUT –  How to create a Buying RushCreate Scarcity!

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