The core three Keys to building a Successful Business or any Project for that matter.

It may be an Online Business, a Welfare Project, a Weightloss Journey or simply growing as a human being.  Gather these three concepts and always keep them in mind.  Structure them to suit your Dream. See them as a Compass or guide to keeping you on the right path on how you want to reach your goal.

Why? | How? | What?

The three Keys to building a Successful Business or any Project.
Why | How | What

  • Why are you doing what you are doing? FIRST Get your WHY and you can start planning the rest. Without WHY there is no purpose. Be very clear on the why. Build the picture in your mind. Be very specific and keep it in your mind! Print pictures that represents your goal and put it up so you can see it all day. By only saying: “because I want to make money” is not going to motivate you enough to figure the How and with What.
  • How exactly do you plan to Build your Business or establish your Mission. Gather information on all the marketing systems, products, tools, mentors and guidance you need to reach your destiny or follow the path to success
  • What is the product, service, vision or program you are providing and plan to use, to do the How to get to your Why or end goal?

Share with us your WHY in the comments, then we can help you with the How and the What

Lawrence Tam is one of the Top Leaders in the Empower Network Business Opportunity and so many people can resonate with his Why.  Watch the below video to learn how he overcame his fears and motivate himself into taking a step into a very unknown world to him. By first establishing his Why, he took action and joined our Business Opportunity and followed the plan (How) and he is using our products (What) to build his Legacy.

Follow the Mentors, assimilate their energy and their trainings. Mimick their actions and create your Golden Lifestyle in your own Style, to suit you and your family.

Love yah!

Remember to check out my Healthy eating blog posts. Your clever business brain can only survive in a Healthy Body!



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